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Load and Inflation Tables for MICHELIN® RV Tires

How to select the right RV tire load and inflation table:
  1. Locate your tire size (16", 17", etc.).
  2. Click on that tire size in the box below.
  3. Match your tire's sidewall markings to the table with the same sidewall markings (LT215/85R16 LRE XPS RIB®, for example.)

If your RV tire's sidewall markings do not match any table listed, please contact your Michelin dealer for the applicable load and inflation table. Motorhome industry load and inflation standards are in a constant state of change, and Michelin continually updates its product information to reflect these changes. Printed material may not reflect the latest load and inflation standards.

Load and Inflation Table Terminology
  • SINGLE means an axle with one tire mounted on each end.
  • DUAL means an axle with two tires mounted on each end.
  • The loads indicated represent the total weight of an axle end in an RV application.
Axles & Tire Pressure

Michelin displays tire loads per axle end in the load and inflation tables. We recommend weighing each axle end separately and using the heaviest end weight to determine the axle's cold inflation tire pressure. For control of your RV, make sure tire pressures are the same across an axle, while NEVER exceeding the maximum air pressure limit stamped on the wheels.

S = Single configuration, or 2 tires per axle.
D = Dual configuration, or 4 tires per axle.

NOTE: Never exceed the wheel/rim manufacturer's maximum air pressure limitation.